Round up for Charity

Round up for Charity


Round up for Charity makes it easy to support great causes! During checkout, you can round up your order to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to the charity you select. You’ll barely notice the difference, but together we can make a significant impact.

You can donate to one of the following charities:

  • The National Breast Cancer Foundation saves lives by increasing public awareness, educating women about the importance of early detection, and providing mammograms to those in need.
  • Hope for Haiti has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Haitian children and their families for more than 20 years. When you donate, 96% of every dollar goes directly to the Haitian people.

NOTE: We reserve the right to add or remove charities from the Round up for Charity cart promotion at any time.

What is DNS?

DNS, which stands for domain name system, controls your domain name’s website and email settings. When visitors go to your domain name, its DNS settings control which company’s server it reaches out to.

For example, if you use our DNS settings, visitors will reach our servers when using your domain name. If you change those settings to another company, visitors will reach that company when they use your domain name.

DNS can be confusing. It’s made up of many different elements which control different aspects of your domain name. Here’s a quick explanation of each one:


Nameservers “point” your domain name to the company that controls its DNS settings. Usually, this will be the company where you registered the domain name.  However, if your website is hosted by another company, sometimes you’ll need to use their nameservers.

Zone File:

Zone Files are simply the files that store all of your domain’s DNS settings. Your domain name’s Zone File is stored on the company’s nameserver.

A Record:

A Records point your domain name to an individual server using an IP address. An example IP address is

You can also use A Records to point subdomains (for example to a server’s IP address.

Every domain name has a primary A Record called “@,” which controls what your domain name does when some visits it directly.


CNAMEs point your subdomains to another server using a server name. Unlike A Records, CNAMEs cannot use IP addresses.  Most domain names have many CNAMEs.

MX Records:

MX Records point your domain name’s email to its email provider.

If your domain name uses our nameservers, you can view or change your domain name’s DNS through us.

Online Internet Fax Machine – Fax Through Email!

Online Internet Fax Machine – Fax Through Email!

Online Fax

Do you still find yourself standing in long lines only to use an out-dated and bulky fax machine?  Then we’ve got the solution for you!  Okay…enough of the infomercial appOnline Faxroach LOL!  For real though, having an online fax machine is a very convenient tool – you can send faxes from the convenience of your desk or even on the run through your mobile device.  This also means you receive your faxes in the same convenient manner – right in your inbox!  –> Head to the Internet Fax Product Page

If this sounds like a service you are interested in, then coming up is some information on its features.  You would get a dedicated phone number for your fax line (no pins to remember), and can even have a toll-free Internet / Online fax line.

Also, who wouldn’t want to be green!?  This approach is a paper-free, eco-friendly solution that enables you to only print the faxes that you really need to.  Not having to deal with printed faxes can help improve privacy measures as well (no printed faxes lying around for someone else to read).  –> Head to the Internet Fax Product Page

How Does The Online Fax Service Work?

When sending an Internet / Online fax you can upload the file you want to fax, or, if you have Online Storage, you can select the file you have uploaded there.  Our Internet fax service will convert those attachments into fax pages.   As for what kind of files/attachments that can be sent, you can use Microsoft Word/Excel, Open Office, Text Files, PDF, HTML, and multiple Image files.  For the cover sheet, you can import one or use of the cover sheet templates we provide.  You can have faxes as large as 20MB!

After you submit the Internet / Online fax, the service will send you an email notifying you of the outcome.  There is a View History page where you can check the status of each fax as well.

Depending on your current costs, this approach could be more than just convenient, but it can save money as there is no machine to maintain and no separate phone line required.  –> Head to the Internet/Online Fax Product Page

I hope you find this service useful!

Take care,
M. Webby

Website Protection – Make Sure Your Site is Up and Running!

Website Protection – Make Sure Your Site is Up and Running!

Your site is a potential target…always.  It is important to not only keep your site safe from hackers and malware injections, but it is critical to let today’s Internet patrons know for sure that your site is safe and protected with a website protection service.

Your site can become a target and any vulnerabilities could be exploited to steal information, vandalize your site, or infect all of your customers with malware or viruses.  This can be a very difficult, expensive, and time-consuming issue to overcome. You’ve heard the saying – it takes years to build a reputation, but only one incident to permanently destroy it. Our website protection service is a Sophisticated Site Scanner that looks for malware and security deficits on your website every single day. If any are found, it will then provide you with recommendations on how to fix them.  This helps to prevent your site from being banned by major search engines like Google, and boosts your visitor’s confidence level in your services with the trusted site seal we will provide you with.

Recently, a client who built his own website and had high rankings in the search engines called in a frantic outcry that his site was showing up as flagged and dangerous by Google.  With corrupt files and malware interjected throughout his scripts, it became a painful and time-consuming process to try and undo what a hacker had done.  Having a website protection service like our Site Scanner would have notified him immediately of the issues BEFORE he got flagged and had his online reputation trashed.

In addition, this website protection service includes our security hotline so you can speak with an expert on site security.  You have access to the results of your site monitoring through your online dashboard – keep your site safe, please don’t discount how important website protection services are.

Take a look at more information about our website protection scanner by Clicking Here.  We think you will find this website protection service to be an invaluable tool for your website management.

Take care,
M. Webby