Profiting from “Domaining” with EWS Website Tools

Profiting from “Domaining” with EWS Website Tools

First of all, we have to talk about what “domaining” is.  You’ve heard of “house-flipping”?  This is one of its relatives in the virtual world.  You are essentially registering domain names – brand new, newly expired, or purchased from another owner – with the intention of turning around and putting them up for resale….and of course in the process you will aim to get some serious return on investment!

What I want to talk about today are the tools we offer that can help you tap into the very lucrative industry of domaining…Let’s go!domaining

1) First, I recommend you sign-up for a FREE ACCOUNT with us.  There are no purchase obligations and no credit card is required.

2) If you have your eye on domain names that are already owned, then DOMAIN MONITORING is a great service that informs you of registration changes by anyone from any registrar!  You will get an email notification of these changes within 24 hours, and they can help you determine if availability is in the near future! This is an excellent and very affordable tool for your domaining efforts!

3) Take domain monitoring to the next level with our DOMAIN BACKORDER service!  This service will monitor the domain name of interest, and then attempt to snag it the INSTANT it becomes available.  The fee includes a year of registration when the the domain is secured, and at any time, you can reassign the service to a different domain name you are attempting to register.

4) For the SERIOUS domain investor, let me draw your attention to our INVESTOR’S EDGE service.  This is a monthly subscription to some serious domaining tools!  This service allows you to browse over 95,000 soon-to-expire names, which are updated daily.  You can then select any and all the domains you want to attempt and capture, each for a small fee.  In this case, the fee is non-refundable, but does include the cost of a one-year registration if it is secured.  This process gives you the ability to snag domains in a way that most others cannot – perfect for domaining!!

5) Beyond that we offer some great domain registration tools at exceptional prices!

6) When domaining it is a good idea to think about what will show up when someone visits one of those domains.  There are several options here and what works best for you will be dependent upon several factors.  I will break down some of the main options here:

  • FREE with our domain registration services is the ability to forward that domain and even mask where it is going with our DOMAIN FORWARDING AND MASKING services.
  • FREE with domain registration is an EASY-TO-USE WEBSITE BUILDER where you can include basic domain information, or you can even use a FOR-SALE template!
  • If you are aiming to have and build web traffic, either because you are seeking to earn revenue with Google AdSense or are trying to increase the value of the domain so that you can set a realistic but higher price point when selling it, our QUICK CONTENT service is a paid service that is a great way to have targeted professionally-written articles that help keep visitors on your site.  The articles stay current and are updated every two weeks – this keeps your site fresh and helps improve search engine rankings.
  • You can also create do-it-yourself landing pages to help with your domaining revenue.  If you are new to this, but are interested in learning more, READ THIS ARTICLE about building your own website without needing HTML knowledge.  Based on this information, you can create websites using themes that are intended to serve as landing pages – either to focus on the sale of the domain itself, or to flesh out more extensive information.

Aside from domaining tools, take a look at our SERVICE CATALOG to learn more about the services we offer for your business.  Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Take care,
M. Webby

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