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Do you still find yourself standing in long lines only to use an out-dated and bulky fax machine?  Then we’ve got the solution for you!  Okay…enough of the infomercial appOnline Faxroach LOL!  For real though, having an online fax machine is a very convenient tool – you can send faxes from the convenience of your desk or even on the run through your mobile device.  This also means you receive your faxes in the same convenient manner – right in your inbox!  –> Head to the Internet Fax Product Page

If this sounds like a service you are interested in, then coming up is some information on its features.  You would get a dedicated phone number for your fax line (no pins to remember), and can even have a toll-free Internet / Online fax line.

Also, who wouldn’t want to be green!?  This approach is a paper-free, eco-friendly solution that enables you to only print the faxes that you really need to.  Not having to deal with printed faxes can help improve privacy measures as well (no printed faxes lying around for someone else to read).  –> Head to the Internet Fax Product Page

How Does The Online Fax Service Work?

When sending an Internet / Online fax you can upload the file you want to fax, or, if you have Online Storage, you can select the file you have uploaded there.  Our Internet fax service will convert those attachments into fax pages.   As for what kind of files/attachments that can be sent, you can use Microsoft Word/Excel, Open Office, Text Files, PDF, HTML, and multiple Image files.  For the cover sheet, you can import one or use of the cover sheet templates we provide.  You can have faxes as large as 20MB!

After you submit the Internet / Online fax, the service will send you an email notifying you of the outcome.  There is a View History page where you can check the status of each fax as well.

Depending on your current costs, this approach could be more than just convenient, but it can save money as there is no machine to maintain and no separate phone line required.  –> Head to the Internet/Online Fax Product Page

I hope you find this service useful!

Take care,
M. Webby

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