How Can We Help You? Our Assisted DIY Team Can Help Get Your WordPress Website or WooCommerce Store Online Fast!

WordPress Setup

We work with you providing individualized guidance (up to TWO hours) to setup your WordPress website!

Common requests are listed below, but note that the specifics of what we cover with you depends on a number of factors, including the purpose and goals you have determined for your website.

  • – Hosting & Domain Name
  • – Email Services
  • – Website Security (SSL, Site Scanners)
  • – WordPress Installation & Setup
  • – Theme Selection (or Purchase if Applicable) & Installation
  • – Menus/Widgets Setup
  • – Contact Form Creation
  • – Newsletter Setup

Please note that all required services must be purchased separately (ie. domain registration, web hosting, SSL, theme licensing, advanced plugins, etc.).


WooCommerce Setup

We offer comprehensive guided website development (up to FOUR hours) that includes WordPress and WooCommerce!

In addition to guiding you through your website setup using WordPress (see the package above), we also help you setup your online store using WooCommerce.  Depending on your needs, some of the additional help found with this plan includes…

  • – WooCommerce Installation
  • – Plugin Selection & Setup
  • – Product Setup
  • – Shipping Setup
  • – Tax Setup
  • – Encrypted Transactions & Payment Processing
  • – Analytics & Reporting

Please note that all required services must be purchased separately (ie. domain registration, web hosting, SSL, theme licensing, advanced plugins, etc.).


Need More Time?

If your website requires more time to setup, or you desire more one-on-one guidance, we offer an hourly rate!

This service is only for clients who have purchased one of our Assisted DIY packages.  It is an add-on in case there is need for extended guidance, or for clients who need a “how-to” refresher.

A minimum of one hour is required.  If adding WooCommerce to a WordPress site, a minimum of four hours is required.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Assisted DIY?

Developing a beautiful and professionally designed website can be very expensive – thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars depending on level of service and customization.  For some companies, that approach fits their budget and goals, and can be the best for their situation.

However, many existing small businesses and start-ups opt to save money by handling their online presence on their own.  There are “point and click” methods available for overall simplicity (Website Builder and Online Store Builder), but for those who want a versatile, completely customizable and scalable approach, using a Content Management System like WordPress is a logical way to go.  To assist with the learning curve, our DIY Articles help explain the overall process, but for those who would like additional, individualized instructions, that is where Assisted DIY comes in!

What Areas do you Serve?  Are Services Provided In-Person?

Due to the nature of website development, we are able to provide these services across the world using screen-sharing applications.  Regardless of your location, we can help!  As for in-person meetings, we are based out of the Houston, Texas area, and do provide these services in person depending on your location and/or willingness to travel.  However, even our local clients often prefer a remote connection as we discuss and move through the website development process.

What if I Want to Change Providers?

Our business model is all about saving you money and giving you complete control of your services so you do not have to rely on others to manage your site.  You opting for a different service provider falls within the freedom of site ownership we seek to promote.

Of course we would be sad to see you go, but your site will be set up in such a way that transferring your website to another provider is a relatively easy process.  If you are unsure of how to do this, you can either use our DIY Articles and follow the instructions there, hire another website developer, or use our hourly rate package so we can walk you through the process.  Really, we are here to help!

Do you Offer Assisted DIY if I Use Another Company’s Registration and Hosting Services?

We look at this on a case-by-case basis.  Generally, we require our Assisted DIY clients to use our suite of services as the ongoing business relationship is part of why we are able to price these packages so affordably.  Feel free to contact the Assisted DIY Team with the details of your situation and we can move forward from there.

Who Maintains the Website?  Does the Assisted DIY Team Offer Maintenance Services?

Our services are designed to put you in charge of your own site, so you are not reliant on a third party for most of your website needs.  This has a broad range of benefits!  It may seem intimidating now, but you as you get acclimated to the management panel of your website, we are confident you will feel comfortable with most maintenance tasks.  Though we don’t technically provide traditional maintenance services, we do offer an hourly rate to help walk you through new features or a “how-to” refresher.  Currently this rate is $100/hour with a one-hour minimum.

Is the Cost Listed in the Packages All-Inclusive?

The cost covers our individualized guidance throughout the creation of your website.  Any other necessary services, like domain registration, hosting, and email services are billed separately.  In addition, any upgraded themes, online payment processing fees, and/or plugins are paid for by you as we go through the steps together.  However, please note that the additional upgrades are not necessarily required for us to setup your site, and are often not needed.  Based on your expectations and needs, we will help you decide on the path your website development takes.

A goal that permeates everything we do is to save you as much money as possible with your website development – that’s why we center everything around the DIY model! You take the lead in all of the decision-making, and we help you learn the process as we go.

Who Has Ownership/Control of My Site?

You have full control of your website and all services at all times.  Domain names are registered by you in your own name and all services are managed in your own password-protected control panel.  Any themes or plugins requiring a license will be purchased in your name through your own account giving you full rights to its use.  The Assisted DIY Team is a separate division of EWS, and can only access elements of your services that you provide permission for.  You will be able to revoke that permission at any time in your own control panel.

Will We Be Creating a Custom Website Design?

No – One of the reasons your website will be so affordable is that you will be using a professionally designed WordPress theme (pre-designed template).  Together we will customize the selected theme to meet your business needs, but we will be limited by the parameters of the template.

In the end, your site will be unique to your company, and will provide your business a strong and beautiful presence on the Internet.  Keep in mind that though there are tens of thousands of themes available, they are not all created equally – this is something we will work together on to find the right theme for your business.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

One of the benefits of using our Assisted DIY services is that you are in full control throughout the entire process, making it very likely that you will be satisfied with the outcome of our guidance and your website design.

Still, we want you to feel confident in our services and assure you that we will do everything we can to provide the end-result you seek.  Our Assisted DIY satisfaction guaranteed policy is straightforward…if within the first hour of working with us to setup your WordPress site you believe that our assistance services are not what you need, simply inform us of that fact within that time-frame.  We will refund 100% of your Assisted DIY package payment at that time.

If work continues beyond the first hour, it is assumed that we are in a working, productive relationship leading to the outcome you desire – as such, the package payment becomes non-refundable.

Please note that other website services (domain registration, hosting, SSL, etc.) are bound by the Terms of Service provided by EWS during the purchase of those services.  Additionally, any premium themes, plugins, etc. purchased through other companies during our work together are bound by their own refund policies.