Quick Content creates a mini website that is indexable by search engines for your parked domain name. It provides tools to customize the keywords and content of the website, plus lets you add Google® AdSense advertisements to the new Web pages.

To create a customized mini website with Quick Content, purchase a Quick Content credit, add a domain name to the Quick Content list, choose a template and keywords, add or delete pages, publish the website, and change your domain name’s nameservers.

Purchasing Quick Content Credits

You can purchase Quick Content credits through your Quick Content account.

Setting Up Quick Content for a Domain Name

You can let us automatically create the contents of your mini website or you can enter your own customized content. You can also assign up to 4 keywords for each page.

You can add or remove pages from a Quick Content website, as needed, as well as update the site’s keywords and rearrange the order of the site’s pages.

Once you’re ready to make the mini website visible online, change your domain name’s nameservers.