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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Domain Name?

The short answer is your domain name represents your business address on the Internet. Simply typing in your domain name will take your visitors directly to your website.  It is a part of your brand, and will likely become a central component of your marketing materials and strategy.

Some business owners register multiple domain names related to their industry or that are similar to their business name. This provides them with multiple points of entry, marketing tracking, and helps prevent others from using those names to pull traffic to their websites.  This is becoming even more popular with descriptive domain extensions like .photos, and .accountant, as well as those that are location specific, like .us and .uk.

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Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

As fancy and intensive as modern websites can be, they are basically a collection of files stored on a specialized computer (a server).  These servers make the website files publicly-accessible so visitors can view the content 24/7.

The storage of your website, constant availability, data transfer, and all the features we include are what is provided when you purchase a hosting plan with us.  Some of our services, like Website Builder and Online Store have the hosting included; other hosting services are specific to a variety of website needs: Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated Servers.

There Are Numerous Hosting Options - What Do I Choose?

We offer four varieties of plans: Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated Servers

Shared Hosting fits the needs of most of our clients, and is great for small business and personal websites.  Your website is located on a server that houses many other client websites.  It provides you with all the resources your site needs, complete with a private control panel, but at a significantly reduced price because everyone shares in the cost of the services.  Who Uses This Hosting Type:  Small Business and Personal Websites

WordPress Hosting has become one of our most popular services, and is actually a different version of a shared hosting setup.  This service is specifically and uniquely tailored to the needs of a WordPress website, with the added benefit of automatic setup and updates.  Though you could technically install the WordPress application on our regular Shared Hosting plans, our WordPress Hosting option is the most straight-forward approach to setting up a professionally-managed WordPress website.  Who Uses This Hosting Type:  Small Business and Personal Websites Using WordPress

Virtual Private Servers provide upgraded resources on a server where fewer user accounts reside.  This provides more power, flexibility and control, but the price is a little higher considering there are less users to share the costs with.  This is recommended for those who have higher traffic demands and increased performance needs.  Who Uses This Hosting Type:  Websites That Have Outgrown Shared Hosting (More Speed, More Performance)

Dedicated Servers are the most costly option because only one account utilizes all the resources in this setup.  Only high-traffic, resource-intensive websites need it, but some website owners prefer the complete control and ownership of resources.  Who Uses This Hosting Type:  Websites That Require Root (Administrative) Access and Extensive Resources.

What is the Easiest Way to Create a Website with EWS?

If you are new to website development, and want to experience as little of a learning curve as possible, then the easiest way to setup your own website is by using our “point-n-click” Website Builder:

  1. Register Your Domain Name

  2. Signup for an Email Plan (optional)

  3. Create Your Site Using Our Website Builder

This is the fastest and easiest approach – you build your site right in your browser, and the hosting service is included!

The plan you select depends largely on how much disk space and bandwidth you need.  Other factors include a mobile site feature, search engine optimization, social media manager, and how many themes (designs) you have to choose from.  You can always upgrade or downgrade if you need to change your plan.

What is the Easiest Way to Sell Products with EWS?

Similar to the question above, if you are looking for a “point-n-click” solution to selling products online, then using our Online Store Builder is the most straightforward approach:

  1. Register Your Domain Name

  2. Signup for an Email Plan (optional)

  3. Purchase an SSL Certificate (required in certain situations)

  4. Create Your Store Using Our Store Builder

Web hosting is included, and the plan you select depends largely on how much disk space and bandwidth you need, as well as the number of products you will include in your online catalog.  You can always upgrade or downgrade if you need to change your plan.

Does EWS Offer Website Development Services?

Yes!  Our website development services are unique in that we use a DIY model as the basis of our business relationship. We provide a wealth of information in our FREE DIY Articles, but for our clients who need more hands-on guidance to get their project initiated, we offer Assisted DIY Services.  This way thousands of dollars are still saved with the DIY approach, but with the insight and efficiency of an experienced helper to get started.

Do I Need to Purchase a Separate Email Plan in Addition to Web Hosting?

If you need domain-based email (, which is recommended for most situations, then you will need to purchase a separate email plan.  Technically, some hosting services do have the ability to create email addresses, but mail account storage is limited depending on the plan selected.  In most cases, using our professional email is recommended.

What Website Security Services Are Offered at EWS?

We work tirelessly to keep our entire service network safe and secure, but there are a few considerations you should be aware of as it pertains to your specific website and account.

The first is the use of SSL Certificates, which are used to protect sensitive information as the data is transferred from their device through your website to its destination.  This is done by encrypting the data they are sending, and decrypting it once it is received.  Even if you are not requesting personally-identifiable information or credit card numbers, using an SSL certificate with your website increases visitor confidence in the legitimacy of your business.  It is also thought to possibly improve search engine rankings.

The second website security consideration is the use of a Website Scanner to keep your website protected in case of Malware, DDoS, Brute Force Attacks, Injection, XSS, and Zero Day Attacks.

We also offer Code & Driver Signing Certificates for developers and programmers to protect their code from being hacked, stolen, or just never getting installed because the “Unidentified Publisher” warning scares off your end-users.

How Long has EWS Been Providing Website Services?

Formerly known as MD-Network, our company was founded in 1999.  We find it very important to adapt to the needs of a changing market, and in 2007 we restructured our entire service platform and began operating under a new domain name,  We strive to be on the forefront of emerging and changing technology!

We are known throughout the world and are prided by our exceptional commitment to each and every customer. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We are here to help you in any way we can – and we take this very seriously. We truly appreciate and value your business!

Does EWS Offer Discounts to Non-Profit Organizations?

Yes!  We love helping charities spread good in this world!  We offer significantly reduced rates to qualifying organizations.  Get more information here!

We look forward to working with you!