Terms beginning with A-F

Account Executive/Account Exec
The Account Exec feature provides your webmaster with access to website information without the security hazards of sharing your login information. You can assign your Account Exec roles to modify contact information for your entrusted domain names, modify nameserver information, manage domain forwarding and manage the sub domain settings for domain names. Other administrative privileges that can be assigned include canceling entrusted domains or setting Auto Renew preferences for them.
Account Security Settings
The Account Security Settings area allows you to modify your email on file, login password, login name, Stored Billing preferences and Call in Pin number.
Assisted Service Plan
With the Assisted Service Plan, our team of server professionals set up your dedicated server to deliver optimum performance. They handle select monitoring, maintenance issues and patching services.
Auto Renew
Auto Renew automatically renews your products and services before expiration. If you do not set up Automatic Renewals for your products and services, you must manually renew them so they do not expire.
Bandwidth Overage Protection
Bandwidth Overage Protection shields you from bandwidth overage charges by suspending your account automatically if your allotted bandwidth is exceeded. Bandwidth Overage Protection cannot be added to your account when it is already over its allotted bandwidth.
Domain Registration Defaults
Domain Registration Defaults allows you to create multiple profiles for shoppers all under one credit card. This makes shopping for site needs fast and efficient for every member of the family.
Call in Pin
A Call in Pin is a four digit pin number you specify when creating the account that you can use to validate your account when contacting support.
Stored Billing
Stored Billing keeps payment info on file for online checkout. Because this allows payment access to your card on file, this feature has more rigorous password requirements. If you enable this option your password must be at least eight characters and contain a minimum of one number and one capital letter. Also, you must change the password every 90 days and cannot reuse the same password within a 30 day time frame.
Domain Account Change
The Domain Account Change option is a toll-free feature allowing you to transfer a domain name into another account with our company.
Domain Control Center
From the Domain Control Center, you manage domain locking, forwarding, account changes, nameserver settings and contact information.
Domain Folders
Domain Folders keeps your domains organized.
Email Control Center
The Email Control Center is the management area where you create or delete email accounts and make changes to existing addresses.
Expert Hands
Let Expert Hands resolve technical issues or make server modifications for you. Expert Hands provides customers on un-Assisted Virtual Dedicated or Dedicated Server.
File Manager
The File Manager helps you to easily sort, rename and upload files from your hosting account.
For Sale Page
For Sale Web Pages let people know your domain is for sale at your domain address.
Free Products List
The Free Products provides an organized list of your free products so you can easily manage them.
FTP Client
Our FTP Client provides you with an easy way to upload your website straight from your hosting account.

Terms beginning with G-L

Value Applications
Value Applications provides you with free access to hosting applications and utilities to enhance your hosting experience. This package comes with any paid hosting plan and includes free access to programs like Word Press, Zen Cart, YetAnotherForum, Joomla and many others.
Google AdWords credits
Google AdWords credits come free with the purchase of certain products including the new purchase of hosting accounts and select versions of Website Tonight Builders. This feature posts your ads on Google search results, making you more visible to customers searching for your services. These credits will appear in your account within 24-72 hours post-purchase and must be used before expiration. Customers have 15 days to use credits before they expire.
Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools shows you how your site is performing and to diagnose any problem areas Google may have accessing your site. It is a simple and free way to help you stay Google-friendly and increase your web presence. During the hosting account setup there will be an area for you to enable to Google Webmaster Tools.
Investor’s Edge
Investor’s Edge lets you browse new, expiring domain names online and select any of the domains at the domain registration rate.

Terms beginning with M-R

Managed Hosting
With Managed Hosting, our team of server professionals set up your dedicated server to deliver optimum performance. They handle select monitoring, maintenance issues and patching services.
My Account
My Account an option available to you directly above the login window after authentication. This section provides an easy-to-locate list of your products, your account details, your recommended products and upcoming renewals. Each section is labeled and tabbed on the left under your welcome message.
My Products
My Products provides an organized list of the products in your account so you can easily access and manage them.
Pending Account Changes
Pending Account Changes reflect domains that are being moved from one account to another.
Pending Domain Transfers
Pending Domain Transfers reflect transfers that are currently in progress, but have not been completed or released by the losing registrar.
Preset Profiles
Preset Profiles allows you to select a combination of preset attributes that you can automatically apply to domains.

Terms beginning with S-X

Starter Web Page
Starter Web Pages provide a basic homepage with customized color, text and graphics in seconds.

NOTE: To connect your domain to a Starter Web Page you will point your domain to the parked nameservers and modify the A Record or Host IP to

Synchronize Billing
Synchronized Billing lines your products up on the same renewal date. This keeps your products organized and provides you with a straight forward billing time line.