Make the most of your Dedicated/Virtual Dedicated Server by letting our expert staff solve technical issues or modify your server to fit your specific needs. Fees incurred as a result of equipment or service error will be refunded.

Expert Hands Custom Support Available Services:

  • Advanced diagnostic services.
  • Troubleshooting and identification of problem and repair of standard installed services.
  • Installation of 3rd party Web-based software only.
  • Control Panel Add-ons.
  • MySQL/MSSQL Database imports and exports.
  • Enabling remote database access.
  • Optimization, MySQL and Apache.
  • Port changes, e.g., SSH, RDC, etc.
  • Dedicated Password resets.
  • Virtual Dedicated backups and restores.
  • USB Enclosure.
  • Installation of 3rd party SSL certificates.
  • Perform any instructions for control panel functions (Adding a domain, email, etc.)
  • Migration of content from shared hosting or servers.
  • PHP/ASP Modules.
  • Game Servers.