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Verified accounts receive significantly reduced prices on ALL our service offerings, including domain names, professional email, every type of hosting service provided, SSL certificates, website security, website and store builders, and even free Assisted DIY services.

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The first step is to create your online account with us. This is FREE, and though adding payment information is available, it is NOT required. This process assigns you a customer number, which is what we need from you in the next step if your organization is eligible for our reduced price plan for non-profit organizations.


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Complete the form below so we can verify your status as a non-profit organization. Upon approval, your account will be set at the special discounted rates.

Please note that a 501(c)(3) determination letter is required to achieve the discounted status.

Request Sales Tax Exemption

Sales tax exemptions are granted at the state level. To qualify for sales tax exemption, you must provide us with a copy of a state resale certificate, tax exemption certificate, or other acceptable proof of tax exemption from your billing address state. If you need more information about this, please visit your state’s Department of Revenue site for the necessary forms to complete. Here is a listing of state websites.

If you have a valid sales tax exemption, please call our billing department at 480.624.2500. They will advise you on how to submit your tax exempt form. Please note that the documentation submitted should include:

  • Your eWebsiteSolutions.com Account Number (created in Step One)

  • The name of your organization

  • Contact information if additional information is required regarding your request

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For your convenience, we have created a special page that makes it easy to select your services. Go through the lists and add your interested services to your cart. Once in the cart viewing screen, you will be able to see all price discounts.


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If you are interested in our Assisted DIY offer, please complete the form below to schedule your appointment:

Non-Profit Services' Questions Answered!

Who Qualifies For These Special Rates?

Only US-based 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible for these service rates. A 501(c)(3) determination letter will be required to achieve the discounted status described here.

What are some examples of the discounts our non-profit organization can receive?

It is very rare that our rates change, but please be aware that they are subject to change at any time. The discount percentage varies across services – the lowest priced options for most categories are listed below, and are current as of February 2018:

  • Shared Web Hosting: $1.02/mth (but typical plan is $4.91/mth)

  • WordPress Hosting: $5.32 /mth

  • Website Builder: $3.79/mth

  • Online Store: $8.15/mth

  • SSL Certificates: $2.56/mth (paid annually)

  • Website Security: $3.58/mth

  • Professional Email: $1.10/mth (paid annually)

Domain registration costs vary widely across the hundreds of domain extensions we provide, but if eligible, your organization’s fee will be at a lower rate than what is seen on our website. Simply add your domain to the cart to see what rate applies.

The prices listed above are for our basic and most commonly selected options. As an eligible non-profit organization, you would have access to significantly reduced rates across all of our services.

How do I know exactly what the services cost?

Once your non-profit organization account is approved, all of the prices will be adjusted in the shopping cart. Add the services you are interested in to your cart, and then click the “View Cart” link. All discounted prices will be reflected there.

What exactly is offered with the free Assisted DIY?

We assist you in setting up your services (domain, email, hosting) and WordPress website (including WooCommerce if needed). You would still be responsible for purchasing any necessary templates and website services (at reduced rates), but we can help guide you in that process. Our focus is for DIY services – meaning we empower you to control your website as affordably as possible. Our goal will be to help your non-profit organization save time and money, and our guidance will reflect that.

For a more thorough understanding of our free Assisted DIY services, please read more about it on our Assisted DIY information page. Just remember, the stated price there would be “$0” for approved non-profit organizations.

Why do I need to create an account first?

We strive to make this process as streamlined as possible (we’re all about efficiency!). Creating an account is FREE, and during the process your organization’s account number is generated. We need this account number when processing your request. Once approved, we are able to set your account to receive the special discounted rates.

How Long Does The Assisted DIY Website Development Take?

Development of the website can be completed in our Assisted DIY session, though there may still be some content you need to add before you publish your site. This means your site can be up and running the same day!

The potential delay overall is in the scheduling. We have a team specifically for the purpose of providing Assisted DIY for non-profit organizations. Based on your availability and ours, we will work together to get your session scheduled as soon as possible. The estimated timeframe is as early as a week, but can take several weeks to schedule. This gives you time to determine the functions and content of your website. Sessions can be in person (limited Houston, TX area only) or online through screen-sharing software.

Does Reduced Prices Mean Reduced Service and Support?

Not at all! If you need support on any of our services, you have access to the same great 24/7/365 support as every one else! If using our Assisted DIY, you get the same personalized assistance we offer our paying clients.

How Can The Assisted DIY Be Provided For Free?

Profiting from non-profits is not a goal of ours, and we even shoulder some of the costs of providing the ongoing discounted services. Fortunately, our company has been a successful website services provider since 1999. Because of this success, we are able to give back to the community in the form of discounted services and Free Assisted DIY. All we ask in return is either a link-back from your organization’s site, or a shout-out from the organization in some form (social media accounts, newsletter, etc).

Does Assisted DIY Include Ongoing Support?

Due to the demand of our services, and the goals of the DIY session we provide, you would become responsible for website management. We would still help when we could, but rest assured, we work to prepare you for website maintenance and updates during our site setup session.