Does My Business Need a Domain Name?

Does My Business Need a Domain Name?

Because I represent a website services company (that offers a staggering amount of domain extensions and options), one might think that I will be biased and say: “Of course you need a domain name!!).  Well, that is partly accurate – I do think your business needs a domain name, but not because we offer them.  In today’s market, most consumers are searching for local products and services online.  Even if you do not plan to sell online, or maybe are even in an industry where this is not possible, having an online presence is absolutely essential for your target market to find you.

Consider this:

  • Unless you man your business in person and answer phone calls all day and night, your products and services are only accessible during your set business hours.  Having a domain name (and website) provides the public with valuable information 24/7/365.  Your website can be as simple as providing basic information like store hours, phone number, location, and details about what your business offers…OR, it can be more extensive where they can purchase products, sign-up for services, interact with you through online customer service, or even “get to know you” in your online blog.
  • Registering your domain name also serves to protect your brand.  Even if you do not plan on having a live website, you can park your domain name to ensure someone else doesn’t register and use it instead.
  • What kind of email address are you using right now?  Does it give your customers a professional image?  After all, gives a very different perception of your business than  Registering your own domain name and setting up email is a very affordable and easy way of having a very professional image.
  • Regardless of how you plan to use your website, having a domain name is essential in promoting your business.  You can offer special coupons, advertise upcoming sales, discuss what is new, set-up online mailing lists, and more!  Add your domain name to business cards, flyers, mailers, etc.
  • You can capitalize on the rampant spending that is happening on the Internet by offering products and services for sale online, and expand your business nationally or globally.

Services to Consider: Domain Registration, Website Builder, Online Shopping Cart, Professional Email

– M. Webby

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