The Dream Design Team™ will work with you to design a website that best fits your needs. We construct each page of your website using the images and text that you supply.

Each plan includes:

  • All plans include up to 2000 words per page.
  • Standard plans include up to 25 form fields.
  • Deluxe plans include up to 45 form fields.
  • For customized drop down fields, every 5 items counts as one field.
  • Standard plans include up to 25 hyperlinks per site.
  • Deluxe plans include up to 50 hyperlinks per site.
Images and Videos
  • Standard plans include up to 20 images or videos per site.
  • Deluxe plans include up to 40 images or videos per site.
  • Thumbnails or copies of images count as a separate image.
Coded Buttons (third-party HTML that you provide, such as PayPal® or affiliate links)
  • Standard plans include up to 10 coded buttons per site.
  • Deluxe plans include up to 20 coded buttons per site.
Search Engine Optimization
All Plans include the following Search Engine Optimization items:

  • Five to 10 unique keyword tags to each website page relevant to page subject
  • Unique page description tags relevant to page subject (25-35 words)
  • Unique, relevant browser/title tags, properly formatted without stop words or invalid characters (less than 65 characters)
  • Relevant H1 tags to all pages
  • H2 and H3 tags where applicable
  • Ensuring page file naming format is SEO-friendly
  • Sitemap.xml file
  • Robots.txt file

The Dream Design Team uses their best judgment, based on the content you submit, to generate page descriptions, browser titles, keywords and meta data. However, we cannot guarantee better ranking.

Additional content can be added for an additional fee.

The header image(s) and background graphics will be used on all the pages of your site. If you want different headers or background for different pages, please contact the Dream Design Team to receive a price quote. Multiple header images are available or an additional fee on both the Standard and Deluxe plans. Header design graphics reflect the graphic package included with each package.