With Quick Blogcast®, blogcasters receive an entire platform to add to their blogcast sites. This feature increases options for creating  and delivering content. Quick Blogcast also offers an array of templates, enhanced  editing abilities, and a comments section. Additionally, Quick Blogcast  features an online audio and video player that displays your audio or video files within a post. Using this feature, visitors do not need to open  a new player; it is contained within the online application.

Another advantage of blogcasting with Quick Blogcast is the ability to add sizable text entries to your blogcasts. Now, blogcasters  can post full posts, pictures, links, and comments  with podcasts.

Quick Blogcast includes  several useful services that expand the functionality of your site. Services include RSS feeds, Photobucket®, YouTube®, and social bookmarking sites, such as del.icio.us®.