Website Protection – Make Sure Your Site is Up and Running!

Website Protection – Make Sure Your Site is Up and Running!

Your site is a potential target…always.  It is important to not only keep your site safe from hackers and malware injections, but it is critical to let today’s Internet patrons know for sure that your site is safe and protected with a website protection service.

Your site can become a target and any vulnerabilities could be exploited to steal information, vandalize your site, or infect all of your customers with malware or viruses.  This can be a very difficult, expensive, and time-consuming issue to overcome. You’ve heard the saying – it takes years to build a reputation, but only one incident to permanently destroy it. Our website protection service is a Sophisticated Site Scanner that looks for malware and security deficits on your website every single day. If any are found, it will then provide you with recommendations on how to fix them.  This helps to prevent your site from being banned by major search engines like Google, and boosts your visitor’s confidence level in your services with the trusted site seal we will provide you with.

Recently, a client who built his own website and had high rankings in the search engines called in a frantic outcry that his site was showing up as flagged and dangerous by Google.  With corrupt files and malware interjected throughout his scripts, it became a painful and time-consuming process to try and undo what a hacker had done.  Having a website protection service like our Site Scanner would have notified him immediately of the issues BEFORE he got flagged and had his online reputation trashed.

In addition, this website protection service includes our security hotline so you can speak with an expert on site security.  You have access to the results of your site monitoring through your online dashboard – keep your site safe, please don’t discount how important website protection services are.

Take a look at more information about our website protection scanner by Clicking Here.  We think you will find this website protection service to be an invaluable tool for your website management.

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