Online Website Builder – Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

online website builderIf you are needing to get a website up and running quickly, easily, and without blowing the budget, then consider using an online website builder that takes you step-by-step through the process.  Simply “point and click” your way to a professionally developed website where you stay in control of the whole project.

What I will be discussing here is best for informational type websites; if you intend to sell goods or services online, look into our Quick Shopping Cart solution.  Also, for those of you who are prepared to take on a bigger learning curve to get an incredible website with more flexibility and options, take a look here.

Online Website Builder – Get Started!

An online website builder is by far the most easiest and cost-effective way to get a professional web presence.  For starters though, you need to get your Domain Name Registered – even if you are not ready to proceed with the website.  Domain names are very affordable and most importantly, can be registered right out from underneath you if you aren’t careful.  Get it while you can!

Next up is signing up for the Online Website Builder service.  Before you order though, it is important to know about the benefits and features of the service, as well as to determine which plan is best for you.  Regardless of the plan you select, the Online Website Builder service itself is fast and easy to use.  One of my favorite features though, is the mobile capability built into the service.  Your site will show up properly and look great even on a 4-inch smartphone screen!

Let’s talk about some of the features available across all plans.  I say the Online Website Builder is fast because of the drag-and-drop features, intuitive navigation, and the hundreds of templates available for you to select from.  I say it is easy because of how the Design Wizard is set-up, turning something as technical as making a website into an easy 3 step “point and click” process.

I already mentioned the neat built-in mobile feature, but I haven’t emphasized the social features yet.  The Online Website Builder includes social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.  Your site can link to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Delicious, and StumbleUpon.  In addition, you can add widgets like Yelp, HomeFinder, OpenTable and MapQuest.

Aside from saving money on website design and development, the cost of this service includes the web hosting, which is a monthly or annual service fee you must have to make your website available on the Internet.  This is a major money-saving benefit!  An additional service you may want to consider involves professional email.  Your domain registration and online website builder already come with professional domain-based email services, but if you find the space allocations insufficient, take a look at other Email Plans here.  I personally find it necessary and cost-effective to have a separate email plan, with the “Unlimited” plan being the most popular for my clients.

Back to building your website…which Online Website Builder plan do you actually need??  First, don’t stress too much about picking the wrong plan, you can always upgrade or downgrade as needed.  The Economy plan is a good place to start, but it limits you to only five web pages.  The Economy plan also includes a basic mobile website, but if you need this to be more customizable, then you would need to upgrade to the Deluxe or Premium plan.   The primary functional difference between the Deluxe and Premium plan is how many pages you need.  If ten pages or less is enough for your website, then go with the Deluxe plan, but if you think your site is going to need more than that right from the start, then the Premium plan is the best solution.  re is an Economy, Deluxe, and Premium plan.  Let’s Get Started!!

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