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domain-name-appraisalsWhether you are planning on a buying a domain name, trying to get a resale value or are just curious, it’s helpful to have an idea of its value.   We offer a free and instant domain name appraisal that will help you determine a domain name’s worth by providing an estimate of current market value.  Don’t worry, we do not require you to have an account with us to check for domain name values and get an instant domain appraisal…though we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t set up your free account now!!

How Our Domain Name Appraisals Work

Our domain name appraisals are fast and free because we use an automated technique to calculate the value of the domain name based on a variety of factors.  Some of the factors are how long the domain name is, the number of specific words it has, what the domain extention is, whether it has dashes or not, and very importantly the popularity of the keywords it contains.

How to Get Your FREE Domain Name Appraisal

It doesn’t matter if you have an account with us to use our free domain name appraisal service.  In a matter of minutes you will be able to view and print domain appraisal certificates.

If you DO NOT have an account with us, OR want to get an appraisal on a domain that you do not own:

  1. Using the menu above, from Domain Names, select Domain Name Appraisals. The Instant Domain Appraisal window displays.
  2. In the field, enter up to 20 domain names you want to appraise, one per line.
  3. Click Instant Domain Appraisal Agreement. The Domain Name Appraisal Service Agreement displays in a new window.
  4. Read the agreement, and then select I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed below.
  5. Click Submit. Your Domain Appraisal certificate displays in a new window.
  6. Optional: To print a copy of the certificate, click Print certificate.
  7. To appraise additional domain names, click New Appraisal, and then repeat the process.


If you DO have an account with us and are getting a currently registered domain name appraised:

A major benefit of this is that when you request domain name appraisals in the Domain Manager, you can return at any time to view and print your domain appraisal certificates.

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Next to Domains, click Launch.
  3. From the Buy/Sell menu, select Appraisals. The Appraisals page displays.
  4. Click New Appraisal. The Add Domain Appraisal window displays.
  5. In the Domain name(s) field, enter the domain names you want to appraise, one per line.
  6. Select the Domain Name Appraisal Service Agreement to indicate you’ve read and agree to it.
  7. Click OK. A confirmation message displays.
  8. Click OK.NOTE: It can take a few moments to complete your appraisal. You can click to refresh your Appraisals list.

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