Express Email Marketing

Express Email Marketing® is an online service that connects you with your customers, members, and contacts through permission-based email marketing. Express Email Marketing helps you build and maintain a 100% permission-based Contact list, nurture customer relationships, and increase your business through the scheduled delivery of email newsletters, announcements, promotions, and other targeted email campaigns.

With Express Email Marketing, you can advertise sales, events and more with full-color, professional emails. A host of handy features make it easy to customize your emails to suit your needs.

Use Express Email Marketing to find out what your customers really want — create, send and tabulate surveys with the survey tool. Express Email Marketing doesn’t limit the number of surveys you can create. This lets you reach out continually to your customers for feedback.

Permission-Based Email

Permission-based email refers to email messages sent to Contacts who requested them, in contrast to unsolicited email messages or spam. You can obtain specific permission to receive email directly from a Contact, or have an existing customer relationship that implies the customer wants to receive your email messages.

Many people, particularly email marketers, have varying definitions of what constitutes permission-based email in terms of direct or implied consent.

Express Email Marketing® requires that each recipient of a campaign agree to receive your communications either directly (by opting in to your contact list) or indirectly (by you indicating an ongoing relationship with the contact that the contact does not dispute).

Build your permission-based email list by creating and placing a sign-up form, called an Opt-In Magnet, on your website. Visitors to your site can then use the form to subscribe to your mailing list.

Spam Not Tolerated

We suspend Express Email Marketing® accounts when we receive too many spam complaints.  Recipients of your email campaign can actively flag your message as spam and indicate that they either did not ask to receive the messages, or that they do not know who you (the sender) are.

Our Universal Terms of Service Agreement, Express Email Marketing Terms of Service Agreement, and Anti-Spam Policy require you to refrain from sending spam, as it is an illegal activity. Remember that we define spam as any message sent without the recipient’s prior consent to receive the messages. Please review our anti-spam policies and procedures as outlined in your user agreement.

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